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Swedish, Deep TissueSports, Maternity, Reflexology, Hot Stone, Bamboo, Couples, Headache/ SinusHand/Foot, Aromatherapy, Chair, Children

SWEDISH: 30 min / $40, 60 min / $70, 90 min / $100

The most common massage for relaxing away muscle tension and soreness, stress and anxiety.  The most perfect way to take a break from reality.  Pressure is adjusted as needed for your comfort and don't feel bad if you fall asleep!

DEEP TISSUE: 30 min /$50, 60 min / $80 , 90 min / $110

First things first!  "No Pain, No Gain"  is  NOT the motto of Deep Tissue Massage.  The only type of  pain felt during this treatment should not exceed a "good hurt."  This type of massage addresses the areas of chronic muscle tension and adhesions to help restore normal movement.  As pressure is applied slowly, it is increased as the body allows.  We recommend focusing on areas of concern to achieve the most benefit.  

SPORTS:   30 min / $40 , 60 min / $70 , 90 min /$100

You don't need to be a professional athlete to benefit from this massage, however the type of techniques applied depends upon the reasoning for your visit.  Are you preparing for an upcoming event?  Are you in a recovery state after exertion?  Do you have a sport related injury or just looking to maintain flexibility and overall performance?   We can help keep your body in motion.  Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you free movement for best results. 

MATERNITY:   60 min / $70 , 90 min / $100

Massage during pregnancy has a long and honorable tradition in a woman's journey to motherhood.  Massage can provide relief from stress and anxiety, leg cramps, low back pain, sciatic pain, upper back and neck tension, increases circulation, elevates mood, and supports a healthy in utero environment.   Please keep in mind that it is not recommended to lie on your back or stomach after 20 weeks and the massage will be in a side lying position with a pregnancy pillow and other supportive pillows to ensure maximum comfort.  ***IF YOU ARE IN YOUR FIRST TRIMESTER, OR HAVE EXPERIENCED ANYTHING OTHER THAN A NORMAL PREGNANCY, PLEASE OBTAIN A RELEASE FROM YOUR PHYSICIAN. 

REFLEXOLOGY:  45 min / $65  Deluxe / $80

  Reflexology is a 5000 year old therapy based on the theory that there are reflexes in the hands and feet that correspond to every organ, gland, and part of the body. Stimulation of these reflexes can relax tension, increase circulation, nourish the nervous system, and bring the body back to balance.  You may remain clothed for this service. Deluxe includes Aromatherapy and Hot towels for that extra pampering you deserve!

HOT STONE:   75 min / $95

Using heated basalt stones as an extension of our hands allows for a deeper state of relaxation to the body and mind.  The heat penetrates deep into the the muscle layers to relax away tension and aids detoxification through the circulatory system.  It is best to plan this massage when you can rest afterward and avoid any strenuous activity.  We encourage you to re-hydrate after your session.

BAMBOO MASSAGE:   75 min / $95

Using various sizes of heated Bamboo rods ensure wide broad pressure to roll over sore, tight muscles.  The warmth and natural properties of the tools promotes deep relaxation and melts muscular tension.  This heat is not as intense as a hot stone massage.

COUPLES MASSAGE:  Cost of any two services-subject to availability

What's a better way to enjoy a relaxing massage than in the same room with your favorite person?  You may pick any massage listed in exception of Reflexology, Sports, and Bamboo Massage.  PLEASE CALL TO SCHEDULE THIS TYPE OF APPOINTMENT 

SINUS / HEADACHE:   30 min / $40

Tension, sinus, hormones, migraines.  We all experience some sort of headache on occasion.  Massage may help ease symptoms of headaches and depending on the type of headache, depends on the approach.  With concentration on the scalp, neck, and face, acupressure combined with the right essential oil blend may provide relief.  If you are prone to headaches due to neck and shoulder tension, consider adding  this service to another massage of your choice.  

HANDS, FEET, SCALP:   20 min / $30

Sometimes its all you need.  Perfect for a lunch break or just a quick recharge.  Add essential oils to awaken the senses, and hot towels to relax and melt the stress away. This truly is one of our signature services!!

AROMATHERAPY:  Complimentary choices upon request.

Essential oils have hit the mainstream as many are discovering the many benefits they can offer.  We love them so much that we want you to experience these wonderful oils.  All of our services offer a complimentary addition of 100% pure essential oils. * Some oils should be avoided on children under 10, elderly, or are undergoing chemotherapy or have asthma.

CHAIR MASSAGE:  1 min / $1  Please contact us regarding an onsite visit

Remain fully clothed in a chair specially designed for massage.  Perfect for a quick break, chair massage can focus neck, shoulder, back, and even hands and arms.  Want to treat your employees?  Hosting a party?  We can come to you!  Call us for details!  (2 hour minimum) 

CHILDREN'S OPTION:  (< 14)   20 min / $30 , 45 min / $50

Don't forget the kiddos!  Introducing massage at an early age can instill self awareness, self esteem, safety and reassurance .  Stress not only affects adults.  Children may not verbalize the issues they encounter that create stress such as bullying, after school activities, homework, noisy classrooms, etc and could experience moodiness, stomach problems, trouble sleeping and even some behavior problems.  We offer an optional shortened session for children 14 and under.  The child may remain clothed in something comfy, and we ask that the parent remain in the room during treatment.  Any minor over 14 must have adult on the premises and fill out a consent form prior to the session.

*selection may vary  



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